Two Tips for Taking Care of Your New Kitchen Benchtops

2 June 2022
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If you've splurged on some gorgeous new kitchen benchtops, here are some tips for taking care of them. Purchase a few cheap kitchen benchtop accessories There are several inexpensive accessories you can get for your kitchen benchtops that will make it much easier to protect them and maintain their current pristine condition for longer. For example, if you use chopping boards to prep food, you should invest in some non-slip mats for these chopping boards that will stop them from sliding around the benchtop whilst, for example, you're chopping vegetables on them. Read More 

Situations Where Your Roof Insulation Might Need Replacing

15 March 2022
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Like many people, you might be looking for methods to reduce your carbon footprint and deplete less energy. One way to achieve this is to keep your roof insulation working at its full potential. You shouldn't just install insulation and forget about it. Things can go wrong, and insulation can deteriorate. An expert can advise you definitively after doing an inspection. In the meantime, consider these situations in which insulation might need replacing. Read More