Three Tips on How to Deal with Wilted Nursery Plants

24 October 2018
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One of the most common reasons why trees fail after being transplanted from the nursery is wilting. Wilted plants often have characteristics such as droopy leaves, yellowish stems and brownish patches. There are a number of reasons why plants could experience wilting, and when it happens, it is sometimes hard, if not impossible, to recover them. Understanding why wilting happens is the first step in ensuring that your plants stay healthy from the nursery to the actual garden. Read More 

Three Ways Automation Can Help Generate Shade in Your Home

28 September 2018
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Given that the sun is so frequently strong in Australian skies, the need to make homes shadier is always at the forefront of many people's minds. Of course, there are all sorts of ways you can employ to stop the sun from coming into your home. Popular options include Venetian blinds and simple pairs of curtains. However, what do you do if you would want the shade in your home to be adjusted automatically? Read More 

Millennials and the custom home building market: What should they consider?

12 September 2018
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Millennials play a critical role in influencing the movement of real estate in the market. Indeed, it is this generation that is currently poised to take over the workplace and the lion's share of income. However, millennials in Australia are currently lagging behind in home ownership.  This should not be the case though, as millennials are currently in the best position to pursue home ownership. Custom homes are also a top option for them to consider. Read More 

Reasons Why A Timber Benchtop Is Perfect For Your Hamptons Style Kitchen

20 August 2018
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If you're renovating your kitchen to express the Hamptons style, a timber benchtop is a perfect choice. Timber perfectly blends with this classic, elegant but casual style, and timber benchtops also offer a great variety of choice in terms of timber colours and textures. Perfectly Suits Hamptons Style Kitchens A natural timber benchtop flawlessly complements Hamptons style kitchens. The natural warmth of wood, combined with the light, breezy whites and pastels of this classic kitchen style is a perfect match. Read More 

Tips For Securing Your Home When You’re Away

26 July 2018
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Travelling away for work for a few days? Heading to another part of the country to visit family? Planned a holiday overseas? If so, then you might be worried about how secure your home is while you are away. These days, it can seem like locking up your home is simply not enough to deter professional criminals from entering. Of course, upgrading your locks to superior ones is something you could do before you leave. Read More