Reasons Why A Timber Benchtop Is Perfect For Your Hamptons Style Kitchen

20 August 2018
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If you're renovating your kitchen to express the Hamptons style, a timber benchtop is a perfect choice. Timber perfectly blends with this classic, elegant but casual style, and timber benchtops also offer a great variety of choice in terms of timber colours and textures.

Perfectly Suits Hamptons Style Kitchens

A natural timber benchtop flawlessly complements Hamptons style kitchens. The natural warmth of wood, combined with the light, breezy whites and pastels of this classic kitchen style is a perfect match. This style is renowned for its muted colour palette: its crisp whites, duck egg blues and sea greens, and its creams and pale sand tones. While such colours create a spacious, airy ambience, warm natural elements, such as a timber benchtop, provide a welcoming touch of much-needed texture and softness.

Variety Of Timber Species And Colours

Another reason to choose a timber benchtop lies in the immense range of timber species at hand. In Australia, many hardwoods are available for use as benchtops, each displaying distinctive colours. Common hardwoods used include Tasmanian Oak, which reveals straw to reddish brown tones, with tinges of creams and pinks; Jarrah, with its classic palette of reddish browns; and Victorian Ash, exhibiting pink and yellow-brown tones. An added bonus is that, at times, locally sourced timbers can be more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than imported woods.

Variety Of Forms Of Timber

More variety of choice is offered also in terms of the form of wood product used. You can simply use one single a solid piece of wood that has been seasoned and pretreated and shaped into a kitchen bench. Another option is Glutam, glued laminated timber, an engineered product in which pieces of wood are bonded together, forming one larger piece. Not relying on large pieces of wood sourced from old growth forests, this provides a relatively green option. Another possibility is timber veneer, where veneered timber sections are bonded onto other materials such as MDF or particleboard.

A timber benchtop is utterly at home within a Hamptons kitchen. This kitchen style displays classic whites, pastel blues and sand colours reminiscent of long, carefree days at the beach. A natural timber benchtop adds a welcoming touch of warmth and texture to the mix. Timber benchtops also offer great variety in terms of local timber species, each with its own distinctive colour. On top of this, add the array of forms of timber available.