Are Blinds Good For Glazed Doors?

25 January 2023
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Throughout Australia, window blinds are fitted to keep control of both the amount of sunlight that is able to enter a room as well as to provide a degree of privacy. As well as being very effective and attractive window treatments, blinds can also be fitted to glazed doors. They are often the first choice for sliding patio doors, for example, but they can also work in an elegant way if you have a glazed front door or a set of French doors that overlook the rear of your home, for instance. What are the main benefits of having blinds fitted over glazed doorways rather than curtains? Read on to find out.

Value For Money

To begin with, blinds tend to be a good deal cheaper than curtains. The most cost-effective window treatment you can choose is usually the humble roller blind. These work very well with sliding glazed doors since you can drop them down and still open the door without knocking into the blind.

However, if you have hinged glazed doors, then this is not so easy to achieve unless you fit the blind to the door itself. Another cost-effective option, therefore, if you have a hinged glazed door is to fit a vertical blind. This will mean that you are able to move the slats of the blind left and right, thereby allowing you to open your door at will without them getting in the way.

Fine Tune Your Light

Another reason that many people in Australia prefer lines to curtains when they are dealing with a glazed door is that they can gain a great deal of light control. Unlike curtains, which you can only move horizontally, blinds can provide a much finer level of movement. For example, it is possible to raise and lower Venetian blinds just like roller blinds. In the case of Venetian blinds, you can also tilt the slats into any orientation you like, of course. This way, you can reduce glare inside your home without making it look gloomy.

Easy to Look After

Finally, blinds are much easier to maintain than many types of curtains. Typically curtains are drawn across a glazed door by pulling them manually. This will result in a buildup of dirt and grime over time. As such, you need to launder your curtains from time to time. With most blinds, however, you will be able to fit them over your doorway and operate them from chords and separate control mechanisms, which will mean never having to handle the blinds themselves.

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