A Professional Florist's Tips and Guidelines to Help You Care for Fresh Flowers

10 October 2022
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 Flowers bring joy and freshness into every room that you place them in. People's moods instantly improve when you present flowers to them. The fun lasts longer when you know how to care for the flowers and increase the time they stay fresh. Follow these selection and care tips if you want your beautiful flowers to grace your living room or other parts of the house for a long time. 

Shop Locally Available Flowers

Look for trusted and reliable florists close to you to source your flowers. Shopping for locally available flowers will assure you of variety and availability throughout the seasons. Make sure you choose those whose stems are firm and sturdy. Once they start going soft, the flowers do not have long to stay fresh. Secondly, if choosing roses, ensure they are closed up and not fully blossomed. Also, ensure they feel firm to the touch, as softness and squishiness indicate they are too old. Remember that fully open blooms are closer to the end of their life than those whose petals are still in a bud shape. 

Caring for the Flowers at Home

A trusted and reliable florist can help you choose fresh flowers you can enjoy for days. However, the conditioning and care you give them at home determine how long they will serve you. Always assume that your flowers have travelled long distances, and rehydrate before arranging them. The rehydration process needs flower food and water. You can mix these following the ratio offered by the florist. Check the flowers and remove all leaves falling below the water line to prevent rot. It is advisable to cut the flower stems right before putting them in the water. Freshly cut flowers soak the water and nutrients more efficiently than old, closed-up ones. You can let the flowers stay in the water overnight and rehydrate before you arrange them. 

Maintaining After Arrangement

Most people think their work ends when the flowers are safely in a vase. However, you should keep up the maintenance if you want your flowers to last a long time. Change the water every two days and replace it with food-infused new water. Keep the flowers out of the sun and the air conditioner fan as they accelerate the wilting speed. 

These are easy guidelines that professional florists recommend you should follow when caring for your flowers. Look for a trusted and reliable florist close to you for excellent flowers.   

For more information, contact a local florist