Situations Where Your Roof Insulation Might Need Replacing

15 March 2022
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Like many people, you might be looking for methods to reduce your carbon footprint and deplete less energy. One way to achieve this is to keep your roof insulation working at its full potential. You shouldn't just install insulation and forget about it. Things can go wrong, and insulation can deteriorate. An expert can advise you definitively after doing an inspection. In the meantime, consider these situations in which insulation might need replacing.

Old Age

Sometimes insulation can simply reach the end of its lifespan. It may have been established decades ago, and it no longer works as flawlessly as it did at the beginning. For example, foil insulation may be fitted under the roof cladding to deflect the sun's radiant heat away from the building. Over time, the foil can grow grimy and lose its shine, so it won't reflect heat as well.

Roof Cladding Leaks

Some insulation types, such as bulk varieties, are full of air pockets that block the heat from freely passing through. This bulk insulation stops heat from crossing in both directions: downwards from the sun in summer and upwards from a household heater in winter.

If the roof cladding is leaky, rain can flow into the crawl space and drench the insulation. The water compresses the air pocket structure, and the insulation doesn't block the heat transfer as effectively. In this situation, depending on the damage, you may need to replace it.

High Energy Bills and an Uncomfortable House

The purpose of roof insulation is to cut energy bills and help keep your home's temperature comfy. So if these things aren't occurring, something may be wrong with the insulation. Are the cooling bills in the summer too high, considering the building is insulated? Or are the winter bills excessive?

If your home doesn't feel as livable as it used to, you might wonder whether the winters are getting colder or the summers are getting hotter in your area. While the weather may have changed, your different experience of the seasons could also be due to ineffective insulation that needs replacing.

Rodents and Possums

Another situation you may experience is possums or rodents nesting in the roof cavity, making your home their home. They may find your roof insulation a restful mattress. But they can dirty it and possibly cause problems for allergy sufferers in your household. An inspection can check whether part of all of the insulation needs replacing. Meanwhile, a roof repairer can block the holes in the roof that allow animals to creep inside.

For more information on roof insulation, contact a company near you.