4 Benefits of Buying Plants from a Local Plant Nursery

2 December 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Are you looking for some new plants for your home? Have you considered purchasing them online, or even at a local home goods shop or supermarket? If you want to purchase the healthiest plants that have the best chance of thriving, heading to a local plant nursery is a much better choice. At a specialist nursery, you can be sure the plants have been well-cared for and won't bring issues like pests with them. Keep reading for more information.

1. Plants are healthier and easier to care for

Ever brought home a plant you picked up at the supermarket and found it wilting after a few days? When plants aren't properly cared for while they're on sale, they're at a greater risk of dying after a few days or weeks in your home. Rushed employees rarely have time to water, prune, or properly care for the plants on sale, so they might have been neglected for weeks. On the other hand, the staff at your local plant nursery will be dedicated to keeping all their plants in top health.

2. Plants won't be carrying pests or diseases

When you purchase plants online, particularly if they're coming from abroad, there's a risk that they'll bring pests or diseases with them. As well as damaging the plant you purchased, these can spread to other plants around your property. If you found that your favourite plant was infected with a pest or disease, you'd have to spend hours treating the problem, and, in the worst-case scenario, the plant could die. Keep your plants safe by purchasing pest and disease-free plants from a professional plant nursery.

3. Plants will suit your local climate

There's another problem when it comes to purchasing plants online, and that's your local climate. While a plant might thrive in a different country and look amazing in pictures, you might find it wilting once it's in your home. At a plant nursery, you'll be able to find native plants that have been specifically chosen to grow well in your location. Investing in native plants is also a great way to help out local wildlife.

4. Staff can give you advice on plant choices

Are you completely clueless when it comes to choosing or caring for plants? Head to a local nursery for specialised advice. Simply give a few details on the location you want to put your plants in, the types of plants you like the appearance of, and how much time you have to care for them, and employees will be able to make the perfect recommendation.

Give your plants the best chance of success by purchasing them from a local plant nursery.