3 Tips for Buying a Luxury Sofa

30 November 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you have been cohabiting with friends, the chances are high that everything in the house was haphazardly bought. If you are moving out and are planning to live alone, you should know that a sofa is a significant investment in a modern house. Besides, a luxury sofa is a defining feature in a home. Therefore, you must choose a couch that meets your needs and expectations. However, it can be overwhelming for first-time shoppers. This article highlights tips for buying a luxury sofa.

Sit on the Sofa

When buying a mattress, you don't just point at the one you want and ask a store attendant to pack it. It is an age-old tradition to lie down on a mattress before buying it. The same should apply when purchasing a sofa. The reason is that sofas have different seat depths, and you need to determine whether a couch sinks too deep for your liking or offers enough room to maneuver. Moreover, sitting on a sofa gives you a general idea of its frame's stability. The last thing you want is a sofa that squeaks when three or more people sit on it.

Measure Up

How big is your living room? Can it accommodate a 5-seater lounge or is it small and can only fit a 3-seater? Knowing the exact size of the sofa you want to buy can save you repeat and expensive trips to a furniture store. Therefore, get a tape measure and find the right spot you want to place a sofa. Measure the area in relation to other features in a room, such as the distances from the television or the opposite wall. Additionally, do not forget to measure the door or stairway if you have any. Ensure that they are big enough for the couch to pass through without any damages.


Luxury sofas are made from different materials. Some are natural while others are synthetic, and the type you choose depends on various factors. For example, if you plan to place a sofa near a window, direct sunlight might damage natural fabrics such as leather. Unless you do not intend to open the windows and allow direct sunlight, you are better off with synthetic fabric. However, if you like hosting guests occasionally, you need a sofa with loose covers. It is because the covers can be removed and washed, ensuring that the couch is always clean.

To find the right Aussie-made sofa, contact a furniture store in your area.