Why Interstate Removals Are Better Than Using Freight

25 September 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


When moving your family across long distances such as interstate, you generally have two options: removalists or freight. Freight transportation is often seen as easier, after all, it goes on a train or plane and you don't see it again until you are unpacking it in your new state. However, that can be deceiving, and in many cases, you would be better off using interstate removals instead. Here are a few reasons why interstate removals are still so popular and how they compete with large freight companies when moving long distances.

Packing Service

Many interstate removalists offer to help pack your items securely, for a small fee. This includes providing their own sturdy cardboard boxes, packing peanuts and even tape. They are the best in the business when it comes to organising how to pack your items and which belongings can go together and which can't. If you want your items to arrive all in one piece, then spending a bit extra to ensure they are safely tucked away during the journey seems like common sense. Often people only realise when it is too late that they are not great at packing, so don't make this mistake the night before!

No Extra Journeys

If you intend on moving your items by freight, then you will have to take it to the train station or a collection point, and then pick it back up again when you reach your new state. When it comes to interstate removals, they pick your items up right from your house and unload them at your destination. No extra hassle, no additional steps, just from point A to point B. Considering how much work and planning is involved in moving interstate, the more streamlined you can make it for yourself the better.


If you can't fit all of your items in one truck but don't have enough belongings to warrant two trucks, then you can try and use a service known as backloading. This is where you book space on a truck that will be mostly used by someone else but still has enough room to fit your additional items in. This is a very cheap way to move those frustrating last few boxes without having to pay a heavy premium. Always check with your interstate removalists if they offer this, as it varies from company to company, and your particular one might not offer it.