Choosing the Best Shutter Material for Your Home Windows

1 June 2020
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Interior design is dictated by individual preferences, and sometimes it can be difficult to decide what fixture or fitting best suits your home windows. There are a plethora of options for windows including blinds and curtains, but shutters open a whole new world of possibilities for homeowners. Shutters are more practical because they are effective and cost-efficient in reducing your home cooling expenses. These have come to be a staple for the modern home because of their versatility, privacy, style and security. Luckily for you, shutters come in a variety of materials to fit any design as outlined below.


The distinct attributes of aluminium metal make aluminium shutters the preferred choice for residential as well as commercial buildings. Aluminium is extremely lightweight, very durable and requires little-to-no maintenance. Unlike wood that deteriorates with time, aluminium maintains its structural rigidity and does not warp with exposure to sunlight or rainfall.

Aluminium, however, has high thermal conductivity, which can escalate energy bills as excessive heat leaves your house through the metallic frames. This problem, however, can be alleviated by installing a layer of insulation.


Wood shutters are a classic and have been around for centuries. A wooden shutter is the gold standard for window shutters because of its fashionable appeal. Basswood, in particular, has an excellent weight-to-body ratio contributing to its strength and durability.

Other types such as vinyl, composite and laminate wood harbour the same properties as they can be painted and customized to any shape and size. Unfortunately, wooden shutters won't work everywhere in your home. They are unsuitable for certain areas such as the bathroom as they get damaged when exposed to excess moisture.


PVC shutters are relatively cheap due to their accessibility. These shutters offer the perfect balance between aluminium and wooden shutters as they are flexible, moisture resistant and still offer a tinge of strength only found in aluminium and steel.

These unique properties make PVC usable in any part of your home inside or outside. Aside from their aesthetics and durability, PVC shutters offer a reasonable amount of insulation as they trap sunlight, keeping your home warm and comfortable.

While there are other, more durable materials such as steel, the ones mentioned above are the most preferred choices for most households for a reason. Also, before deciding on what material best suits your home windows, it's prudent to assess the weather and climate of your area. While you are at it, do consider the maintenance, repair, and replacement costs of the shutters after several years of use.

Reach out to a professional or look online to see what shutters are available.