Why Go for a Custom Carport Over a Kit?

22 January 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you want to install a carport next to your home, then you can use a kit or you can hire a contractor to build a custom port for you. While kits suit some homeowners, there are benefits to a customised build in some cases.

What are the advantages of a custom build?

You Don't Have to Put the Kit Together

A kit comes with everything you need to install a carport. You choose the design you want to use, buy it and then assemble and attach it. Even if you have good DIY skills, this isn't necessarily an easy or quick job.  If you have little experience with building kit structures, then things get harder. This typically isn't a one-person job; you'll also need help along the way. If you don't get the build exactly right, your carport may not be as stable as it should be.

If you bring in a carport builder, then you don't have do any installation work at all. They build the port for you either to a template or to a customised design. If you make sure to use a professional builder, you'll get better long-term results.

You Get More Flexibility

You may not get all the choice you want with off-the-shelf carport kits. Your design, style, material and sizing options are limited by the products in the market at the time of purchase.

While kits suit some people perfectly well, they don't suit everyone. For example, you may want a kit that is a non-standard size to give you some storage room at either side of your car. However, the only kits you can buy might be too small to do this or too large for your available space.

Or, you might want to combine elements of different kits. You might like the roof on one design and the materials of a different one. You won't necessarily be able to buy a kit that comes with both these elements. Finding a kit that matches or complements your home's design isn't always easy either.

If you hire a builder to create a carport, then you can work to your own needs and preferences. You can size the port exactly and integrate it into your existing home design. You have complete control over the materials right down to colour palettes.

To get ideas on custom carports and suitable options for your home, contact local contractors.