How to Make Sure That Your Shade Sails Always Look the Part

3 July 2018
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Australia is famed for its outdoor lifestyle. Consequently, if you have a business operation that relies on client visitation, you may find it advantageous to have an outdoor presence. In this way, patrons can enjoy the fine weather while they take advantage of your hospitality. However, you do need to provide an element of protection so that the summer sun does not become unbearable, and to do so, you need to install one or more shade sails. Why are these a crucial component, and how do you make sure they remain in good condition?

All-Round Benefits

Shade sails are an Australian staple, and you will see them outside restaurants, bars, showrooms, schools and houses across the land. They are relatively easy to install and can be configured in a broad range of colours, shapes and sizes. In addition to providing much-needed protection from the sun, they can help to spread the brand message and can often add perceived value to a property.

When Care Is Needed

Of course, with time these sails will lose their initial impact as they gather dust, pollen or mildew and suffer from general wear and tear. They may not look as good as they did when first installed, and in this case, you will need to make sure that they are cleaned and repaired as necessary.

How Sail Shades Are Cleaned

This cannot be done in place, and the shade sail will need to be removed first. Once it is carefully detached from the fixing points, it should be moved to a safe location before being mounted in such a way that it can be pressure washed on both sides. This will ensure that all accumulated dirt is removed.

Many companies that specialise in cleaning and repair will have a special area for this process and will take steps to capture the residue and dirt that washes off the same shade into a special waste trap. This helps to protect the environment.

Repair Process

After the shade sail is thoroughly clean, machinists will take the opportunity to repair it as necessary, often by re-stitching the seams. They will use the latest technology to fortify the shade sail so that the product can be resilient in the face of the unrelenting sun and do its bit to protect your clientele.

Contacting the Experts

If your shade sails are in need of some TLC, get in touch with a company that specialises in repair and cleaning.