How Can You Stop Butterflies and Birds from Damaging Your Crops?

12 June 2018
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Do you like pottering around in the garden? Many people love this type of activity, and while some treat it as a hobby, others are actively involved in raising vegetables for their family's consumption. One of your biggest challenges, whether you consider yourself to be serious or not, will be damage caused by butterflies or birds. They will either lay eggs within your crops or peck away, causing considerable damage. What can you do to try and prevent these issues?

Repelling Devices

Enterprising gardeners have come up with many different solutions over the years, some of which work better than others. It's possible to get electronic devices that emit an ultrasonic signal that only birds can hear, and this may scare them away from your plot. Other versions mimic the sound of an eagle or a hawk, which will definitely keep birds away, but may prove to be an issue to your neighbours. You may be able to rig up a line of polypropylene tape near to your crops, which will vibrate when hooked up properly and may once again deter birds.

Deterrent Sprays

More controversially, you may opt for sprays and similar solutions that insects and birds find very unpleasant. You should, of course look for organic products that are completely safe to use in and around food crops, but be careful what you buy and always read the labels first.

Garden Mesh

Your best course of action is likely to be the introduction of bird netting to provide a very effective barrier all around your crops. This is made from garden mesh that will not only protect your work from birds and butterflies but may also stop leaves and other debris from falling into the area.

How to Use the Net

Once you have planted your seeds or seedlings, drape some netting across the entire area. Some people will lay this net directly on top of the soil, but it is best if you can raise it up on strategically placed supports so that it does not interfere with the plants once they start to grow.


If you are investing a lot of time and energy in the creation of food crops to help with your family's budget, it makes sense for you to look carefully at this problem. Get in touch with mesh suppliers to see how much it will cost you to install bird netting across your property.