Installing Louvre Windows in Your Home? Here's How to Get the Best Value

21 May 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Louvre windows have become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners today. These stylish windows are suitable for both modern and classic home styles, and they can add visual interest to an otherwise dull space. Louvres are easy to install and maintain, and they are made from quality glass and aluminium materials. They facilitate air flow in a home and allow natural light, cutting down on the costs of artificial lighting. If you are thinking about installing louvre windows in your home, this article will give you a few tips on how to get the best value from them.

Position louvres near the ceiling

One of the reasons why people install louvre windows is to improve ventilation and airflow in a room. Now, the positioning of these windows will help determine their effectiveness in improving the indoor air quality in your home. Typically, warm air rises. Therefore, the area near your ceiling is likely to be warmer than most of the room. With your louvres installed near the ceiling, they will be able to let out warm air as it rises. As a result, you will prevent re-circulating air in the house, and this will result in improved indoor air quality. This is extremely useful in days when there is no breeze to facilitate better airflow.

Have security in mind

Louvre windows can compromise the security of your home if proper measures are not taken to make them burglar-proof. Of course, if yours are installed near the ceiling, you don't have to worry much about security as it would take a daring intruder to climb up the wall and risk falling into the room. However, it is still vital to ensure that these windows have the ideal security features. These include locks which make it hard for intruders to open the louvres from outside. Also, you can install security screens for protection when the window is both open and closed. Finally, get robust louvre panels that cannot be easily manipulated by burglars.

Consider automation features

When choosing louvre window design, you can either go for manual or automatic windows. If you want louvres that will be easy to open and close at the click of a button, the automated options are your best bet. These can even be operated by a child who may not be able to move the lever that's used with the manual options. What's more, if you install louvres at a height, it is only practical that you automate them as you may not be able to reach the lever.

Contact a specialist for louvre installation so that you can get the most value out of these elegant and stylish windows.