Why Consider a Glass Shower Screen for Your Home's Bathroom?

6 April 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


A glass shower screen is a great choice for any home's bathroom, as it can easily fit with a modern or traditional decor. A quality screen is also likely to last longer than a shower curtain, as it won't show dirty fingerprints or get threadbare over the years. While a glass shower screen is good for any home, note a few times when you might consider such a screen for your home in particular, and why it can be a good choice for your home's bathrooms.

Kids and pets

If you have young children, you may know how messy they can be in the bath, as they often splash water all over the bathroom from playing or jumping around while in the tub. Washing pets in the shower area can be just as messy, as they might shake off the water and shampoo while still sopping wet, or might not wait until you're done washing and drying them before they jump out of the tub!

Glass shower screens can be a good solution in these cases. When children are bathing, that screen won't allow water to splash around exposed corners of the tub, and when you're washing your pets, the screen will contain any water they try to shake off. A solid screen also makes it more difficult for pets to get away from you, as they can't jump out of the tub when enclosed by a solid shower screen.

You enjoy hot baths or showers

If you enjoy long, hot baths, or relaxing under a hot shower and letting the steam surround you, a glass shower screen can be a good choice for your bathroom. The larger, thicker material of the screen will hold heat and steam in the shower area better than a small and lightweight shower curtain, creating a more relaxing, spa-like environment.

The shower area is very awkward

If your home's bathroom has a very awkward shower area, perhaps built in a corner or with a rounded footprint, using a shower curtain can be a challenge. A round curtain bar can jut out from the shower area and look awkward in the space, and a corner shower area or oversized tub can interfere with the proper drape of a shower curtain. Glass shower screens can be cut and fitted to a specific shape and size, so they fit any awkward space without seeming out of place or interfering with the overall look of the bathroom itself.