Why Opt for French Doors for Your Home?

21 March 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


French doors are two doors that sit side-by-side with hinges on the left and the right so that both doors swing out together, creating a large entryway. These doors are a favourite for a patio space, but they can also be installed inside the home for a bedroom, closet, dining room, or formal sitting area. If you're doing any home remodelling, note why French doors can be the best choice for any entryway to the outside and for any doorway inside the home as well.

Exterior entryways

One major advantage of French doors over sliding glass doors is that French doors open fully, offering a wider entrance to the outside area. This is good when you're entertaining and need to accommodate a lot of foot traffic, and this wider entryway can also make the home more comfortable on humid days, as it allows for greater air circulation into the home. Also, if your French doors are located near the kitchen, you can more easily allow steam and cooking odours to escape the home when you open both the French doors. French doors may also allow for more safety than sliding glass doors, as the doors can be set inside a thick doorframe with hidden hinges, making them virtually impossible to kick open.

However, one of the biggest advantages of French door entryways is their appearance. French doors create the feeling of a grand entryway, and they can be dressed up with oversized hardware. They also operate without the unsightly track needed for a sliding door. This makes French doors look like a decorative part of your home and not just a functional afterthought.

Interior doors

French doors for an interior doorway also allow for a wider entrance to a room, something to consider if you have oversized furniture or if someone in the family uses a wheelchair and may struggle to get through standard doorways. Because French doors are typically made with a glass face, they can allow for more light into a room, so a corner office or dining room won't seem so dark and dull, even with the doors closed. This can also make a smaller home seem larger, as the rooms won't feel boxy and enclosed. The glass of French doors can also make it easier to keep an eye on children when you're in one room and they're in the next, so you can work in the office or entertain friends in the formal living room, while still being mindful of children in the family room, as an example.