Tips and Reminders for Making Your Home Safe and Secure

6 March 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


One of the best ways to make your home safe and secure is by adding an alarm system, along with security cameras that monitor the property and the home's entryways. However, not all homeowners are comfortable with high-tech gadgets or have the money for this type of security system. There are also some ways that homeowners themselves make their home a prime target for thieves and intruders! Note what that means, along with some tips and reminders for how to make your home safe and secure, even without a fancy alarm and other high-tech solutions.

Air conditioners

An unsecured window air conditioner can be removed by an intruder, and that gap in the window is then used by them to gain entry into your home. Install brackets to secure a window unit to the home's exterior or a sliding window lock that keeps the upper window pane in place if you don't want to permanently attach the A/C unit to the home. Be sure you check this unit on occasion to see if the bracket or lock has been tampered with or has become rusted or loose for any reason. Tighten the brackets or replace that hardware as needed to keep the unit secure.

Close up the windows

Keeping your windows wide open when the home is unoccupied can be a mistake, as this allows someone to see if there is anything in the home to steal and also allows them to check for obstacles in front of a window to note if your home really does have dogs or if the warning signs in the yard are fake and so on. Close the curtains or blinds when you're away to obstruct the view from the outside. If you don't want to keep the home completely dark, invest in sheers for the curtains, as this will keep the windows obscured. Or invest in wide mesh shades that allow light to filter in even when those shades are closed.


Securing the doorjamb is a good way to keep someone from kicking in the door; you can purchase brackets that get bolted to the doorframe to make them thicker and stronger and less likely to splinter from a strong kick. An actual security or safety door with a new frame can also be a good choice for your home, as this will keep the doorway secure from forced entries. Security doors are also typically outfitted with heavy-duty deadbolts that make picking the lock very difficult, which also increases your home's overall security.