Answering Your Questions About Self-Storage Units and Their Use

12 December 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Self-storage units are great for people who have too much "stuff," and not enough room in their own home. A storage unit can get these items out from underfoot, so that you are not always tripping over your sporting goods or bins of out-of-season clothes when you're going through a closet. Keeping items in such a unit can also help to protect them from getting damaged or lost in your home's clutter. If you're thinking of trying a self-storage unit for your "stuff," note a few common questions about their use, and this can ensure you protect anything you need to store away from home.

How secure are such units?

Each storage unit facility will have its own level of security; some may have 24-hour surveillance of the entire space, and even security officers on duty all day. Most will have some type of locked gate and high fence around the perimeter, to discourage potential thieves from making their way onto the yard.

However, it is usually up to you to provide your own lock for the unit itself, so be sure you invest in something thick and strong and not easy to cut. A tiny lock, such as for a locker at the gym, may be easy to cut through with shears, or to pry off the door altogether, so make sure you provide added security for your items with a strong lock.

Don't items get dirty in such a unit?

Exterior units may not have much protection from humidity and bitter cold, while interior units are often climate controlled and safer for more delicate items. The way you store your items will also affect their overall condition; as with a strong lock, invest in thick and sturdy tubs for your items, and ensure they're securely closed. Wrap sporting goods in blankets used for furniture moving, to cushion them if they should fall while in storage. This will ensure their protection and ensure items are in good condition when you're ready to access them again.

Are all self-storage units the same?

As said, some units will have added security that may be worth any extra cost. Also, note if a unit's door closes snugly against the ground and the unit's framework, as this can reduce humidity that gets into your unit, and help to keep out rodents and pests. A 24-hour emergency number can also be useful if you need to access your unit at night but forget the key to your lock, or the key to enter the yard itself.