Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Working With a Custom Cabinetmaker

28 November 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


A custom cabinetmaker can help you to create a kitchen, bathroom, garage, or workspace of your dreams, with all the shelves, drawers, and cubbyholes needed for anything and everything you want to store away. He or she can also ensure that every available space in those rooms is utilized, so if a room has an awkward layout, or some type of obstacle in the way of standard sized cabinets, working with a custom cabinetmaker can be the best option for you. When you do hire such a professional, however, note a few common mistakes you'll want to avoid, so you know your cabinets and storage pieces work for your needs in particular.

Having too many organizational accessories

Cabinets and drawers with dividers, small shelves and racks, hooks, and other such accessories can make it very easy to keep all your items separated and organized, and easy to access. However, adding too many of these features can mean limiting how you use that space inside the drawers and cabinets. If you add lots of inserts in a drawer, for example, you may not be able to store away something that is too long to fit those sections.

Too many small shelves inside a cabinet can mean not being able to store a larger box or can you bring home from the supermarket, or an over-sized pot or serving dish. Add the accessories you need in those cabinets and drawers, but remember to keep some open space for those larger items as well.

Having too many cabinets

Having your entire kitchen or bathroom covered in cabinets can make the space seem very boxy and closed-in, so talk to your custom cabinetmaker about keeping some shelving exposed and open. He or she can create shelves of the same timber material and with the same finish or decorative touches to match the cabinets, and will ensure they fit a wall or space between cabinets precisely. This will keep the room a bit more open and comfortable.

Having too much detail

Working with a custom cabinet maker means you can have very detailed cabinets, with lots of scrollwork, moulding, or other such features, to add depth and visual interest. However, as with having too many cabinets themselves, too much detail can mean a very busy and cluttered look in the space. If you're not sure if you're choosing too many details and features for the cabinets, tone down the look and omit some of those details, so your space doesn't seem crowded and unattractive.