3 Reasons To Choose Custom Made Curtains For Your Bedroom

22 November 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Although blinds and shutters have become a popular window dressing for many rooms of the house, many people still prefer having more traditional curtains in the bedroom. Curtains have a softer look and help to create a comfortable and luxurious feel in the bedroom. To get the perfect bedroom curtains, it's a good idea to have them custom made. Here are three reasons why custom made curtains are the best choice for your bedroom.

1. Complete control over style

When you buy ready made curtains, the style they provide is limited to the range of fabrics, colours and patterns that the manufacturer has chosen. When you have them custom made, the only limit is your imagination and you have complete control over the final look.

Custom design allows you to use fabric in a material that perfectly matches and enhances the entire room. It also means that you mix and match fabrics to create decorative edges or accents as well as adding tie backs or fabric pelmets of your choosing.

2. Complete control over light

Having your curtains custom made means you can dictate the level of light that you want your curtains to allow into the room. If you like a dark bedroom that can be used to sleep in through the daylight hours, then you can have blackout fabric included as a layer in your new curtains.

If you want the option for a dark room or a light room at different times, then you can also have a layer of sheer curtain included. This will allow light in while still keeping the room private.

3. Complete control over size

Premade curtains generally come is a limited range of standard sizes. If your windows aren't standard sizes, you may have trouble finding curtains that will fit perfectly without some serious alterations. The cost of alterations will make any savings you make on buying pre-made curtains negligible.

Custom made curtains mean that you can have them made to your exact specifications, which is particularly important for extra large or unusually short or tall windows. If you prefer your curtains to have extra length so that they pool opulently on the floor, this can also be accommodated for when you opt for custom made.

Custom made curtains can turn an ordinary feature of your bedroom into a stunning and unique highlight. Contact your local custom curtain designer to find out more about the options they have available.