What Trees Should You Stock in Your Nursery?

13 November 2017
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As a business owner of a retail establishment, you have to deal with the challenges of stocking your store. You want a variety of products, but you also don't want to have more on hand than you can sell. If you own a nursery or plant store, this can be especially hard to manage—if you don't sell your stock, it may die.

If you want to stock trees in your nursery, you may be wondering which ones are the best. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

1. Fruit-Bearing Trees

The trend to grow your own food is spreading throughout Australia, and in fact, 52 percent of the country now say they grow at least some of their own food. As the owner of a plant or gardening store, you probably want to get on this trend. In addition to stocking seeds and seedlings for edible plants, you may also want to stock some fruit trees.

You may even want to consider some dwarf fruit trees. If you're in an area where citrus trees can't thrive, dwarf varieties are nice. They can easily be kept in a pot and moved in or outside as dictated by the weather.

2. Common Australian Varieties

You may also want to stock native trees. These trees are the best suited to survive and thrive in Australia's climate, and they may be big sellers among your shoppers. Some of trees that fall in this category include the Golden Wattle, the Eucalyptus, the Banksia, and a range of other trees. If you go to a wholesale nursery, they can give you more advice on which trees are the most common in your particular part of the country.

3. Very Young Trees

Whether you're stocking your shop with fruit trees, native trees or something exotic, you may want to consider going for younger trees. These trees are smaller and easier to transport—they can be the size of a large stick . They also tend to cost less than trees that are further along in their development. That saves you money.

Most importantly, you don't need to worry about selling these trees quickly. As they are small, you can take care of them and let them grow at your nursery. As they get larger and hardier, you can even raise their prices. However, because they started out small, you have a larger window of time to sell them. If you started with trees that were further along, you would need to sell them more quickly. Click here for more.